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Build and Deploy Generative AI Applications in minutes

Build chatbots, document search engines, and document creation workflows leveraging Large Language Models (e.g., ChatGPT) with no code.

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Demo of Our Platform

Drag and Drop Application Builder

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 Use Cases

Build, design, prototype, and deploy custom generative AI workflows. Improve customer engagement and team / personal productivity. 

Chat Bots

Build and embed into your website in minutes. Connect chat bot with your knowledge base.  

Search Engines

Summarize and answer questions about documents, videos, audio files, and websites instantly.

Document Creation

Create marketing copy, personalized outbound emails, call summaries, and graphics at scale.

Build pipelines in minutes involving LLMs, Data Sources, & Vector Databases. Productionize pipelines via API.

1. Connect with Datasources

Load files, PDFs, websites, videos, audio files, data,
and code-bases as inputs your pipeline.

2. Utilize pre-built pipelines from our marketplace

Save time by leveraging a library of pre-built pipelines such as for chatbots and document search. Contribute to the marketplace by sharing your pipelines with other users!

3. Deploy to your end users immediately

Deploy your applications with an API. End users will be able to view your applications instantly.

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For Enterprises

Our secure infrastructure and zero-day retention policy means your data will not be stored by model providers. Our partnerships begin with a free diagnostic where we assess whether your organization is generative AI ready and we create a roadmap for creating a turn-key solution using our platform to fit into your processes today. Book an intro call today.  

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